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MidAmerica Bank Credit Card

MidAmerica bank has two products: Visa Platinum credit card and the Visa Platinum Rewards. We will study both products in detail and compare them with similar competitive products.

MidAmerica Visa Platinum credit card

MidAmerica Visa Platinum credit card:  This credit card offers the following features:

0% annual percentage rate in balance transfers for 12 months where the balance transfer must be a minimum of $500.

For any new card, for any new Visa Platinum Credit card from MidAmerica you will enjoy one year, actually 12 billing cycles at 1.99% APR this is practically 2% APR for one year. After this 12 billing cycles the APR will fluctuate according to your creditworthiness.

The annual percentage rate after the first year will be from 8.9 APR to 13.98 APR so almost a maximum of 14% APR. As we mentioned, these percentages depend on the creditworthiness of the cardholder.

The balance transfer fee does not pay any APR for 12 months, however any balance transfer performed should pay $10 or 2% of the amount of each balance transfer whichever is greater so you’re not paying APR but you are paying a lump sum of $10 or 2% .

This balance transfer benefits would not be repeated if you have another credit card for the same bank, as we have informed already in our article about having two credit cards in the same bank.

This MidAmerica Visa Platinum has other advantages. You do not have to pay any annual fee, you do not have to pay any maintenance fee, like for example a monthly maintenance fee.

As it is a Visa, it all the features that Visa cards have, to protect the credit card from any fraudulent activity.

Payments and Interest

MidAmerica Visa Platinum Cards offer the possibility to avoid the payment of an interest in the case of purchases. The due date is twenty-five days after the closure of the billing cycle. You can avoid paying interest on the purchases of that billing cycle. This can be achieved if the entire balance of the credit card for that billing cycle is honored before the due date each month due date, that as we said is 25 days after closing the billing cycle.

Fees: Penalty and Transactional Fees

Now let’s talk about the fees: I refer to annual fees, penalty fees and transactional fees.

As we mentioned above there are no annual fees for any credit card from MidAmerica. There are no annual fees for the Visa Platinum or the Visa Platinum Rewards from MidAmerica.

Then you have the penalty fees that are for a late payment and for a return payment. In both cases the penalty fee is of $25.

Now let’s talk about the transaction fees. There are two kinds of transactional fees we want to evaluate now that are the foreign transactions and the cash advances. For the following transaction you must pay a 1% transaction fee of the transaction amount. For the cash advances there is no transaction fee.

Visa Card Protection For MidAmerica Credit Cards

As we discuss in other articles when we refer to Visa credit cards independently of who is the issuer, in this case it is mid America, we normally mention several ways you have to protect your account with diverse functionalities.

As soon as the MidAmerica credit cards are issued to you, it is advisable to enroll in the Visa Purchase Alerts Program. In this way, you will receive real time information about any expense done with your card so you can identify if there is any fraudulent activity quite quickly.

Online Balance Information For MidAmerica Credit Cards

As with many other credit cards, you can know your real time balance in . You have access too to this portal with any of the credit cards from MidAmerica.

MidAmerica Visa Platinum Rewards

And there is another product to talk about. This is the MidAmerica Visa Platinum Rewards that is very similar to the MidAmerica Visa Platinum discussed thoroughly earlier.

There are two main differences: It has a higher APR and it allows you to access to rewards for qualifying purchases.

With the MidAmerica Visa Platinum Rewards, after the 12 month billing cycles there is an APR starting from 9.9% instead of 8.9% of the MidAmerica Visa Platinum. So, Platinum card will have after the first twelve months an APR that goes from 9.9 to 13.90% while the Platinum Rewards is exactly the same but only that is starting from a 9.9% APR. Therefore, if you have a good credit you would be having for the platinum are very good APR of 8.9%.

And now come the real advantages of the MidAmerica Visa Platinum. For this credit card you have access to a program from Visa that is called Scorecard Rewards. Each qualifying purchase that you perform with this MidAmerica Visa Platinum credit card allows you to earn points that you can redeem later for merchandise and for travel awards. You can find information in

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“national credit cards airlines” Line Item: A possible identity theft

Some of our readers wrote in the comments of different articles that they have made a check on their credit and when they do it, they notice the existance of a hard inquiry coming from SYNCB national credit cards airlines.

” National Credit Cards Airlines “

Avoid Identity Theft

Then they contact the website where they pulled the credit report and they are forwarded to call the credit reporting agency (credit bureaus as they are known). They inform the customer that the information provided comes from one of these reporting agencies. They call for example TransUnion, with a call center in India.

This hard inquiry, as usual, lowers the score of the subject. It is an inquiry that is unrelated to any credit card request performed by a person.

SYNCB, who appears in these line items as ” SYNCB national credit cards airlines ” is the code of Synchrony, who normally executes inquires on behalf of some credit card issuers with whom they have a business partnership.

Therefore, you will find the code SYNCB in the hard inquiry, in normal situations if you requested a loan to face obligations related to healthcare services, pet services and some others

SYNCB code corresponds to Synchrony Bank. This is the bank that issues many popular retail store credit cards including Walmart, The Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Lowe’s, the PayPal credit cards, TJ Maxx, Dick’s SportingGoods and others.

And it also is the issuer behind the Care Credit financing. This means that if you ever had financing from maybe your dentist for something with your teeth or you have had eye procedures or sometimes veterinarians use it for procedures that have to be done to your pet.

If you have had that kind of financing that hard inquiry also could be from Synchrony Bank.

So if you were trying to figure out “when have I ever dealt with Synchrony Bank? I’ve never heard of them.” — any of these credit cards or that Care Credit financing could be, you know, how Synchrony Bank is in your life. And in terms of how you have dealt with them, a lot of times the first time people see that name, they do not even realize that somebody else is either issuing their credit card or is issuing financing of some type.

Now the code “national credit cards airlines” is not related to a legitimate hard enquiry and in these case we might be in front of a fraudulent activity, precisely identified as a prospective case of identity theft.

The credit reporting agencies will tell you to go to the issuer of this hard inquiry and they have to provide you a deletion letter as an authorization to dispute the inquiry and proceed to the removal.

However, you have never dealt with “national credit card airlines”. You do not know what that code represents. You do not know in principle which legal entity is responsible for that inquiry. You cannot locate them, and it is not your task to do that.

What to do in case of this national credit cards airlines inquiry

  1. Request the removal of the hard inquiry. They will print the report and furnish it.
  2. If, as is the case, you cannot find “national credit cards airlines” as this is probably a major case of identity theft. You are not required to continue the investigation of this subject for its address.
  3. Think if you have performed a request for a service that would need an inquiry, as this sometimes it will be done via Synchrony Bank.
  4. After this, register in the FTC website. This is the Federal Trade Commission where they have a specific area for identity theft.
  5. Send a letter with the FTC report to the three credit report agencies that are Experian, Equifax and Transunion with the statement from the FTC. This step is in order to remove the line item with the hard inquiry in your credit.

How To Avoid This “National Credit Cards Airlines” Identity Theft In The Future ?

The best action that you can take to avoid an identity theft is to freeze your credit.

Practically all the most important identity thefts, I mean those that really can make you lose credit or suffer financial losses are related to having unfrozen credit.

The credit freeze still allows the credit to move upwards or downwards according to your operations as usual: For example, you pay on time a secured card billing cycle and this action is reported to the credit report agencies even when your creit is frozen.

What the score freezing stops, is the possibility that a third party performs a hard inquiry on your credit. Moreover, to have this aforementioned frozen credit, disallows anyone to request a credit with your name as a consequence of this identity theft.

When the subject who steals the identity requests a credit, the check wil not be made and this is your protection.

There is no technical or financial reason to have your credit unfrozen uness you are requesting a credit. You normally utilize your credit card, credit score will move accordingly and be adjusted. You need to change from a secured credit card to a rewards card or you want an FHA loan? Then you unfreeze the credit so the inquiry or hard check can be done.

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Can You Have Two Credit Cards From The Same Bank ?

Can You Have Two Credit Cards From The Same Bank?

Can You Have Two Credit Cards From The Same Bank? The short answer is yes.  You can have two or more credit cards from the same bank and has more pros than cons. In this article I will study these pros and cons so you can understand if having two credit cards from the same bank is convenient for YOU and your financial requirements.

Can You Have Two Credit Cards From The Same Bank

The best situation to have two credit cards from the same bank is when the two credit cards do not offer the same features and attributes and complement each other to you offering you empowerment as a cardholder.

It is specially a good idea if both cards do not have an annual fee, if they do not have a monthly maintenance fee either, if they do not have APR for this first year as with MidFirst, and if they complement their features quite well. These complementary attributes are that one enjoys a very low annual percentage rate and the other one is included in a rewards program that allows you to benefit from discounts, cashbacks and points transfer to hotel chains and major airlines. Two credit cards with the same bank but more advantages to enjoy.

Before anything, this bank or credit card issuer perform an approval on your request for a second credit card with them. if you meet a determined qualification criterion. They will check that you have a low debt-to-income radio so to confirm that you have the ability to pay back easily the balance of the new credit card and do not pose a risk.

Now let’s study the pros and cons to see if for you it is convenient to have a second credit card from the same bank.

Advantages Of Having A Second Credit Card With The Same Bank

With disregard of who issues your new credit card the utilization of a plethora of lines of credit can enhance your credit score if you perform the payment for each of these cards completely and you do not max out your cards this means you do not reach exactly the limit of the card.

This applies when you have a new credit card with the same institution or when you have second credit card in your portfolio but with another credit card issuer or bank.

  • Enjoying lower APRs

A typical advantage we see is that you can have your first credit card with 0% APR during the first 12 billing cycles and then obtain a second credit card after this year to have again ask your percent APR for the second credit card and then showing another rear without any annual percentage right.

  • Have Two Cards With Different Features

Another advantage is for someone with a rewards card that is a frequent traveler a person who performs many qualifying purchases for rewards. So, this cardholder wants a second card from the same institution in case that he loses the credit card or the credit card is blocked in a machine or it has to be blocked because of the suspicion of fraudulent charge or some kind of fraudulent utilization. As obtaining a replacement card while you are traveling abroad is difficult we can say it is impossible because normally these cards are sent by mail within the United States having a second card as replacement card to be used only in these situations is an interesting option because obtaining this replacement is difficult when you are traveling overseas. Unluckily, as we will explain below, it is possible that in cases of suspicion of identity theft, the bank or credit card issuer blocks both products of your account.

A typical case is that you need to obtain a second credit card with the same bank because the new card has different features and attributes typically one is for rewards and the other is not. Another advantage is when you want to switch to a different type of card because you found out that another product in the same institution is more feasible for you to fulfill your requirements.

This happens in the case that you have, to put an example, a Visa Platinum in DCU and you find out that you perform many qualifying purchases during the year but you do not have any rewards or cashback program in your current product.

Here you will be willing to request the DCU Visa Platinum Rewards that has a higher APR, abut three percent more, but you enjoy the cashback and rewards program that is probably something more suitable for your requirements. In this case having this new credit card for these qualifying purchases is a good idea.

The same consideration is valid if you have a MidFirst Visa Platinum and you move to obtain also a MidFirst Visa Rewards.

  • Have A Much Better Credit Card.

In this case you will be actually dismissing your previous card, and y new one will be issued for you with better attributes. The typical situation here is when you have built up your credit score and improved your creditworthiness and you feel the necessity of moving from a secured card to an unsecured product with lower APRs, lower fees and even possibly the advantage of a suitable rewards program embedded.

In First Choice, here you have the possibility to move from the MasterCard Classic that has no rewards to a MasterCard Gold if you are more premium in your credit score so in this case you might want to have the MasterCard Gold and keep the MasterCard classic or even better:  Retain the MasterCard gold and ditch the MasterCard Classic because you are paying about 6% more APR and not even enjoying rewards or cashbacks.

  • You Are Not Forced To Use Both Cards

Having a second credit card in the same institution does not force you to be using both. You can just have them and not use them all the time. So, having two credit cards in the same bank it does not mean that you’re going to spend more necessarily.

This is a reinforced advantage when the credit cards have no annual or monthly fees. Just keep both and use them when you have a specific usage required.

  • More Age In The Same Account

If you open a new credit card with the same institution you continue with that bank. And the age of the accounts is very important for the score if you can prove that you have had an account with the same institution for many years and you did not incur in penalties. Well this is good for your credit score: You have an aged relation with a bank.

It is a real frustration we knew want to utilize a certain product just like an airline or cell phone carrier or a hotel of a specific chain, and with your current credit card you do not obtain any kind of benefit. In these cases, we see that having a specific card that satisfies your frequent purchases of products or services that are eligible for these rewards is really an interesting option provided, moreover, that you do not have a monthly maintenance fee or an annual fee to pay for these cards.

Drawbacks of Having More Than One Credit Card With The Same Bank

  • Multiplication of the effect of penalties due to the cross-default effect

Penalties may affect both credit cards. Sometimes if you have a penalty in one card it may affect the second card in the same institution. Why does this happen? Because when you acquire this credit you are signing a new contract that has cross default clauses.

This means that the execution of this new contract may affect with the signature of both parties the execution of a previous contract. Therefore, if you have a penalty in one card it may affect the second card too.  It is riskier for you. What is this penalty?  More than 60 days delinquency in the credit card payment. This procedure is allowed by federal law and will affect you at account level. It can affect credit cards, but also loans.

  • Limitation in the eligibility to obtain a bonus for a new sign up.

When you read and signed the contract for the first credit card in this current credit institution you probably had the benefit of a signup bonus. This is because you were coming from another institution. Therefore, the bank or credit institution, in order to convince you to become their customer offered you a sign-up bonus.

Banks and credit institutions or credit card issuers will not likely be offering you a sign-up bonus for the second credit card. This depends on the negotiation of the contract but in general these contracts are not negotiated by the parties. You just only can accept them or reject them.

  • The management of different credit cards and your own available budget period

Naturally when you have more multiple cards you still have the same budget so you will have to struggle probably with your current credit card payments. In this case you will have to pay attention how much you are spending and not spend more than what you actually can spend. This is quite obvious but let me point it as a disadvantage.

  • Cardholders With Low Creditworthiness

Now let’s suppose that you are a different kind of credit card Holder and you have a different level of creditworthiness. If you are a credit card holder profile that maxes out the credit card every month and incurred in diverse penalties due to missing his payments, maybe a second card will represent a much higher annual percentage rate (APR) or that the credit on the first card will be split to be used for your second card, so you will not be favored by having more credit in this way. A second card will be an additional burden for you.

You need to think strategically before you apply for a second credit card in the same bank or in another bank. This is because when we submit a formal application for a new credit card an inquiry into your credit history is performed. This hit may eliminate algorithmically some points from your credit score. In this case, and to avoid this situation you should only introduce a formal application for a second credit card after you understand that your possibilities of becoming approved are clear and decisive

For this goal, it is a good idea to do first a request of information about your eligibility and obtain some feedback from the bank or the credit card issuer, before going forward with this formal application.  

What I have seen in practice is that when you open a new credit card, in that moment your credit score drops. Nevertheless, this happens for just a little while.

You start the utilization of the second credit card, you perform the related payments on time avoiding penalties,  and you do not max out any of your cards.

 Now you have two credit cards that you are using wisely, and you will see your credit score bounce again back fairly rapidly.

  • balance transfers facilities not provided

A bank will normally offer you the advantage to have balance transfer possibilities to promote their product to you as a new customer. With this advantage, they expect to convince you to move your account or more precisely your balance from a different competitor bank.

In this case, however, as you will be in the same bank, probably the credit institution will not offer you this balance transfer option as you will be staying in the same bank.

  • Identity Theft Suspicion Protocols

If the bank for any reason has a suspicion of identity theft, they can block all the products in your account until they investigate or until you confirm your identity. You will also confirm that the purchases that arose the suspicion and triggered the protocol are fine and recognized as yours.

In this case having a second credit card with the same bank does not help. The bank in a security protocol and in a reasonable suspicion of identity theft will block temporarily all the products in your account that in this case will be your two credit cards with them.

Examples of advantageous combinations of two credit cards with the same bank.


With the chase you have the chase ultimate rewards program. In this program you are enabled to obtain rewards from a mosaic of credit cards within them.

The Chase Freedom card has no annual fee. It provides you 5 points for each dollar you spend on your first $1.500 each quarter on eligible purchases. Likewise, you will also obtain a point per additional dollar spent in other purchases.

And this product can be combined with the Ultimate Rewards from the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

This card that you can have along with the Chase Freedom card we mentioned earlier provides you the double of points in some specific purchases. However, this product has an almost $100 fee that you must pay yearly. Nevertheless, if you are a cardholder that is usually involved in these specific eligible purchases you will obtain a good benefit if you combine the Chase Sapphire Preferred and the Chase Freedom.

Why is this advantage? Why is it better to combine the Chase Freedom and the Chase Sapphire Preferred?  The answer is because you can execute a transfer of these points to miles with eligible airlines and hotels.

As you see, this is an example of a good combination of two credit cards. You will be paying $95 per year but instead you will take advantage of all those qualifying purchases that you do with the Chase Freedom and the Chase Sapphire Preferred because you will transfer these points to miles in nine major airlines and hotel chains.

Citibank ThankYou Rewards

Second example. This is another example of another combination of two credit cards with the same bank that can be an advantage for you. We are talking about the Citi ThankYou rewards.

The Citibank ThankYou program looks alike the Chase Ultimate Rewards Program that we discussed before. You will obtain points from different credit cards from Citibank and you will be transferring the points earned to hotel programs or different airlines in the United States.

Likewise, you may utilize these earned points to book inside the Citibank environment that offers you double points in restaurants and events. Furthermore, it also offers you a point per each dollar you spend in other venues. It has no monthly maintenance fee and no fee in the whole year, so this means no annual fee at all. You do not lose nothing for having both.

Now you can complement this card the Citibank ThankYou Premier card.

Therefore, you will have two Citibank cards: the Citibank ThankYou and this other credit card offered by the same institution, by the same bank, that is their Citi ThankYou Premier card.

These two credit cards complement very well together, because the Citibank ThankYou  Premier card will allow you to utilize your points redeeming them very easily through the Citibank  travel agency environment that is called ThankYou Travel Center .

Likewise, you may perform a transfer of these achieved points to many airlines, about 15, in form of miles. Additionally, you can transfer this points to hotel programs such as The Hilton Honors.

This Citi example is a good example of combining two cards two credit cards with the same bank that is the Citi.

MidFirst: Visa Platinum and Visa Platinum Rewards

Another good example is with MidFirst. In MidFirst you have for example the Visa Platinum that has 12 billing cycles with no APR, so 0% APR. Then after this first year the annual percentage rate will be defined by your creditworthiness. This Visa Platinum may have about 12% of APR for the credit card holder after this first year.

After that you can have another product that MidFirst offers that is the MidFirst Visa Rewards and with this card you also have zero percent annual percentage rate for the first year.

This means that in MidFirst you will have two credit cards with different features and attributes, both in the same bank.

You can have the Visa Platinum that offers you a very low APR and no rewards and second, your second card, that will be the Visa Rewards. The latter offers you a complete rewards program from Visa.

In this case, when you have a qualifying purchase to perform you will utilize the MidFirst Visa Rewards and when instead you only have a typical non qualifying purchase you will use the MidFirst Visa Platinum that has a lower APR .

DCU Visa Platinum And DCU Visa Platinum: Two Cards That Complement Well

Another example is in the DCU and is quite similar to the aforementioned MidFirst case.

In DCU you have a DCU Visa Platinum that enjoys a 10% APR. Also, in DCU, you have another Visa product that is the Visa Platinum Rewards. This card has almost a 3% more APR because this has 12.75% APR that is a bit higher than the Visa Platinum but has the cashback and rewards program from Visa instead.

So DCU is another credit card issuer where you will develop a long-term relation and history in your account.

You will have there the DCU Visa Platinum for the non-eligible purchases where you have the possibility to pay a lower APR, and the DCU Visa Platinum Rewards that despite having a little bit higher APR you have all the cashback and rewards program from Visa that is very useful in those cardholder profiles that perform frequent qualifying purchases. For example, they travel frequently, or they go frequently to hotels, as most major hotels in United States have joined these rewards programs quite commonly.

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DCU Credit Cards

There are three products inside the portfolio of DCU credit cards and we are going to review all of them:

  • DCU Visa Platinum.
  • DCU Visa Platinum Rewards
  • DCU Visa Platinum Secured

The most important feature regarding DCU credit cards, is that all these three products, despite their different attributes, have a zero fee for balance transfers (except the secured card option), no annual fee, and zero for cash advances.

All these cards now hold an EMV chip (EuroPay, MasterCard, and Visa,)  for security and all kind of protection in the transactions. This standard started in the European Union and now is being rolled into credit cards like these ones in the US. 

DCU Secured Visa Platinum Credit Card

The DCU Secured Visa Credit Card accepts applicants with bad credit scores. It is a secured credit card, so your available credit limit amount will be commensurate with the amount of money that you pay as the security deposit. A security deposit of at least $500 is needed to activate the credit line for a DCU Secured Visa Credit Card. The DCU Secured Visa Credit Card is a great way to slowly rebuild your credit score. Your purchase history and charge usage of this card will be reported to all three of the credit score issuing and monitoring bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. Further, with the continued and responsible use of this credit card, your original security deposit could be refunded in full to you. The DCU Secured Visa Credit Card has several benefits and features designed to help applicants with bad credit to improve their credit scores.

DCU will proceed in transferring the balances of any existing overdraft from your Digital Credit Union account to your corresponding DCU Visa Platinum up to your available limit.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dcu-secured-card.jpg
  • $0 annual fee
  • Easy approval for most applicants with poor credit who become Digital Federal Credit Union Members
  • You could be approved for the DCU Secured Visa Credit Card with a FICO 300 credit score
  • 13% APR, which is very low and quite competitive when compared to other secured credit cards
  • $0 foreign transaction penalty fees
  • $0 to 3% applicable fee for balance transfers, which is very low compared to other credit cards
  • Your initial credit limit activating security deposit will accrue interest in a savings account, just as long as your account remains active
  • No cash back reward benefits blackout dates
  • No limits applied to an applicable number of cash back reward s benefits you can earn
  • No cashback or rewards for this secured card

With continued, responsible financial usage of the DCU Secured Visa Credit Card, your secured credit card will eventually be upgraded to an unsecured credit card. At such a time, and minus any outstanding balance that you may accrue, your initial credit limit activating security deposit will be refunded to you in full. If you have bad credit, applying for membership benefits with the Digital Federal Credit Union can be a great way to rebuild and improve your credit score.

Comparison of The Secured Visa Platinum Credit Card

Let´s see a comparison of the DCU Secured Visa Platinum credit card in comparison with other credit cards that are also secured furnished by other credit institutions.

Now let’s see basically how this secured credit card from DCU compares to other secured cards from other providers and let’s see how it stands in the advantages and disadvantages.

with the Relax MasterCard secured from the Celtic Bank, well remember that the Relax has an APR of almost 30%, so an annual percentage rate of almost thirty percent.  This is a very high APR.  Neither Relax nor the DCU secured has any cashback options, rewards program, or any kind of advantage what is also typical for secured credit cards.

 In the Relax you are subject to an initial credit of 500 and here with the DCU secured credit card, it is not more flexible. You must start also with 500 with the secured card from DCU.

Both the Relax and the DCU there is on very fast process of application Internet the results are provided online in both cases however with the DCU you need to become a member of the DCU first and this takes a more than becoming accepted online for the Reflex. The process with the Celtic bank, that is the bank that provides the Relax MasterCard is faster than with the secured DCU credit card.  Relaxed MasterCard has a slight advantage here in comparison with the DCU secured.

Anyway, in comparison, there are many disadvantages in comparison with the Relax MasterCard from celtic Bank.  You should prefer the DCU secured option, because it is much less APR and for some people this will make an important difference. We have to say that both cards report to the three major credit bureaus so in terms of building your credit both cards are fine but DCU secured wins in the comparison.

If we compare the secured credit card from DCU it with other secured cards from different credit institutions, as we are doing here, we have to compare it of course also with the First Choice MasterCard Classic Secure.

The First Choice Visa Secured card has an 15.9% APR. It is a little bit higher than what we enjoy with the DCU secured credit card.  Furthermore, none of these are obliged for an annual fee or any monthly maintenance fee. Both have fast application processes online: I mean First Choice MasterCard Classic Secure and DCU Secured card have this quick application process online. As it happens with secured card, there are no programs or cashbacks.  The First Choice MasterCard classic Secured is practically the same as this DCU secured product we are studying now.

DCU Visa Platinum

This card, adequate for people enjoying a higher credit score, has an annual percentage rate of ten percent (10% APR)

There is no fee for performin transfer balances. Likewise, there are no annual fees and no monthly maintenance. And no penalty fees for foreign transaction.

It has the EMV chip, what is an important layer of trust and security.

DCU Visa Platinum Compared With Similar Products

Now let’s compare the DCU Visa Platinum with other premium products available in the market. I mean products, that are available for card holders that have higher creditworthiness because of their higher credit score.

 If we compare it with the MidFirst Visa Platinum, there is an advantage for the MidFirst Visa Platinum that is very clear. You enjoy with MidFirst the first year without any annual percentage rate. So, after this year, that actually are 12 billing cycles, this APR will be determined by the position and creditworthiness of the cardholder. Instead, with the DCU Visa Platinum you have to pay a 10% APR already since the first year so there is an important advantage here for the MidFirst Visa Platinum.

In my opinion, there is an advantage also for the MidFirst Visa Platinum here because you have a Zero Liability program included with Visa that is very advantageous if you travel frequently, and if you buy online frequently too. This is because it protects you against fraudulent charges in your card, against unauthorized charges in your card too, so this could be a good advantage.

DCU Visa Platinum Rewards

DCU Visa Platinum Rewards

Now let’s see the DCU Visa Platinum Rewards Card. This is the rewards card from the DCU institution.  So as you can see all these banks and credit organizations have generally speaking three products to cater different requirements:  they have a secured card, a premium card for those who enjoy high credit and they also have these “rewards” cards.

Now to the DCU they have this Visa Platinum Rewards.  Let’s see in detail which are the main attributes of this product.

Visa platinum reward from DCU has a 12.75% annual percentage rate so almost 13% APR. As it is a rewards card, it enjoys all the rewards programs from Visa that is one of the most important rewards programs. Likewise, it features numerous cash back options. The requirement satisfied is that you pay a higher APR than the one you pay for the normal Visa Platinum, the one that doesn’t have any rewards. Visa Platinum without rewards is almost 3% less.  Visa platinum 10% APR and 3% more for the Platinum Rewards.

Is this extra 3% annual percentage rate justified in the rewards card?

If you are going to perform many qualifying purchases, it is a good option the Rewards card despite paying a little bit more for the annual percentage rate.

As it happens with all the DCU products, you have 0 fee for balance transfers (actually you have a 3% for balance transfers with the secured card product of DCU). You enjoy a 0 percent for any cash advance and this card does not have any annual fee or any monthly maintenance fee, so this is very convenient.

It has no penalty fees for any transaction you do in ATMs outside United States. However, take note that European Union ATMs normally will make you pay a small fee for the service.

This rewards card has as all these DCU credit cards, the EMV chip. This is a chip for extra protection where the “E” stands for EuroPay, “M “for MasterCard and “V” for Visa.

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MidFirst Credit Cards

There are three MidFirst credit cards that I would like to review now, There are three Visas that are tailored to cater different users with different requirements and creditworthiness.

  • MidFirst Visa Platinum
  • MidFirst Visa Rewards
  • MidFirst Visa Secured

MidFirst Platinum Credit Cards

Image result for midfirst credit card platinum

The greatest advantage of this Platinum card from Visa, is that you will enjoy one year with 0% APR after the account is opened. After this year, the APR will be dictated by the creditworthiness of the cardholder and can go from a 11,49% to almost 25%.

This product has a higher APR after a year then another product we evaluated and is included in the Zero liability program that protects you form unauthorized charges and fraudulent activities.

However this credit card is not as convenient as another card that we reviewed in a past article. I am talking now about the MasterCard Gold from First choice because in the other case we enjoy of APR less than 10% annually. With this MidFirst Visa,  the first year is free so you enjoy one year without any APR so it’s to think about it. After the second year, actually after twelve billing cycles to be more precise you may want to consider your options.

I recommend you to evaluate this option. You could try to stay one year in the contract with 0% APR and then request a card with a lower APR because the APR will get higher at the second year. You will keep the MidFirst Visa Platinum that has no annual fee and use frequently the card with the lowest APR.

MidFirst Credit Cards For Rewards

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This bank has other credit cards that we are going to review right now.  The next card in our list is the Visa Rewards credit card.  So this is a credit card for people who know will perform many qualified purchases and will be subject to earning many points as rewards.  The reward offered is that for each dollar you spend on all the relevant purchases are equivalent for one point without any limitations on the points that you can earn and redeem afterwards.

As in the previous case, the case of the Platinum card, you have 0% APR as well and this is really very convenient because you enjoy also in this case of one year without any kind of APR. After this year that actually are going to be formally twelve billing cycles, the rate of the APR will depend on the creditworthiness of the cardholder.  Therefore, it can go between almost 16% up to almost 25%

It pays a bit more APR than the one we previous mentioned that is the Platinum credit card. So you are paying more APR, but on the other hand you will have a benefit if you perform many qualifying purchases because in this case for each dollar you will earn one point so this is a good advantage of this card.  

As with the previous card and as all the Midfirst credit cards except the secure card (where the annual fee is $19), you will have no annual fee so this is for this Visa as well. In case you lose it, you are protected like normally happens with Visa thanks to the Zero liability program so Visa here provides extra safety.

MidFirst Visa Secured credit card

The third in the list of the MidFirst credit cards is a secured credit card. This is 100% a Visa credit card but secured. Therefore, it is for people who is building up a credit and for those who want to establish credit. It is also for people who do not have any credit history, any credit score at all, so they want to gradually build it.

 The credit is limited in a range from $300 to up to $5000. In this case we see that this secured credit card is more convenient than others we reviewed previously. I refer to the credit card that we discussed in another article: the credit card provided by The Celtic Bank that is the Reflex MasterCard secure card. That card just provided a limit of $500 there.  Anyway if you want to build credit, if your goal is solely to build credit it is OK with $500 you can build it anyway.

Nevertheless, in this case it is better than the Reflex, not only because you have a superior range but because you have a very low annual fee of only $19.00. These nineteen dollars much less than the hefty annual fee that you have to pay with the MasterCard Reflex secured card.

As this secured card is also a Visa, it can be utilized anywhere as any other Visa card so it can be used in authorized stores and businesses that accept Visa credit cards.  And as you know, that is almost all of the stores and businesses.

Of course that in this case you have to provide a security deposit of the quantity that will be your credit limit so you will have to perform a security deposit of $300 if that is what you’re going to spend.

The cardholder of this secured card is also protected by the same Zero Liability for the case of fraudulent charges that you have not authorized.

This secure card has as usual a much higher APR than the normal unsecured credit cards. In this case, we are talking about 19.49% APR so a little bit less than 20% APR and as usual it is based on the prime rate so it can go to 25% but the 25% is also the value of the secured credit card of the MasterCard Reflex provided by the Celtic Bank . We also analyzed the secured credit card of First Choice that in that case was the MasterCard Classic Secured and that one seems as convenient as this one. Therefore if you prefer to use Visa the Midfirst credit cards would be your option and if you prefer MasterCard then the First Choice will be your selection .

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First Choice Credit Cards

The First Choice credit cards are MasterCard products: Gold, Classic, and Classic Secured.

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All these three products allow a grace period on purchases that is also interest free (25 days), the opportunity to perform balance transfers and retrieve a cash advance worldwide in ATMs

MasterCard Classic Secured: 15.9% APR fixed rate.

This product is only suitable for those who do not have a credit history and for those users who want to gradually improve and rebuld their credit. This card is only to be used in these cases. If you enjoy a better credit score, you should avoid this product and move towards other cards we are indicating below.

This product is much more convenient than one we previously reviewed, that was the Reflex card offered by Celtic Bank. Read that article here. The reason is that whereas with First Choice, the interest is 15.9% , with Celtic Bank, for the Reflex secured card is 29.9%. Also, there are hefty annual fees with the Reflex MasterCard at Celtic Bank.

Also convenient as this First Choice secured card option is another product we reviewed that is the Midfirst Visa Secured. Midfirst option has an annual fee of $19 dollars whereas this card does not have any annual fee. Furthermore, we consider that currently the Zero Liability policy from Visa is more protective in case of unauthorized charges or fraud than what MasterCard offers. So there, in terms of safety, there is an advantage for the Visa Secured offered by Midfirst that we study here in this article.

We have to say now that there are no annual fees with this secured card.

The users must sign an account with First Choice and complete a deposit to secure the limit in the card. This account may also be utilized to secure a card for another authorized person.

There are no rewards programs or cashback options with this secured credit card.

MasterCard Classic   14.76% APR fixed rate.

For people with better credit that do not need a secured card, this product is the next step after building your credit or reestablishing from a bad credit. Also good is that there are no annual fees. You are not required to secure a deposit. However, you do not enjoy the lower APR from the Mastercard Gold. If you have a high credit score, then this card is not for you because you would be paying 14.76% APR that is six percent more than with the MasterCard Gold.

Some users in our forums were requesting this card and noticed that there is no associated rewards program. There are plans to have also a rewards program in the future.

MasterCard Gold     8.75% Fixed Rate APR

For users with a good score, this is the best of the First Choice credit cards available. Low rates, no annual fees, and a rewards program are included in this product. If you do not reach yet a good credit, then you should be moving one step down, to the Master Card Gold, and pay six percent APR more.

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If you looking for secured credit cards, then I would like to recommend the MasterCard Classic Secured, one of the three First Choice credit cars available. The reason is that this secured card has a quite reasonable APR of about 15%, no maintenance fees, no annual fees and a grace period on purchases that is of 25 days and interest free.

If you are instead looking for unsecured cards, then the MasterCards Classic and Gold are similar to other standard offers in the market. Therefore it is an option if you are also a customer of First Choice or you could be opening an account there.

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Celtic Bank Credit Cards

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The Reflex Mastercard is issued by Celtic Bank and is designed for those who either do not have a great credit score, or those who have not yet established credit.

You can apply if you have received an invitation in your mail, but it is not correct that only an invitation allows you to apply for the card.

Your payment history with the card will be reported to all the three major credit bureaus. Therefore, if you make consistent and on-time payments, you will be able to gradually improve your credit score

celtic bank credit cards

How to apply for a Reflex MasterCard right now? This special MasterCard is issued by Celtic Bank and is tailored to people who have a bad credit history or no credit history at all and they intend to build credit history. It does come with hefty fees. However, if you use it right and consistently, and make your payments on time you can improve your credit score and apply for better credit cards in the future. Better credit cards because they will not impose you these high fees,

A lot of times you will receive an invitation in the mail for the credit card but you do not have to wait for one to apply. If you do have an invitation, to apply, go to and you do scroll down and click “Confirm Reservation”. For this, you have to enter your reservation number and your social security number.

If, on the other hand, you do not have an invitation, you click in the option “No Reservation”, you will have to enter your full name, your address, how long you have lived in your current residence. Furthermore, you will need to confirm that you are above 18 years old or 19 years old in Alabama.

After this, you will then click to continue the application process that is simple, just follow the few prompts.

Unfortunately, the Reflex MasterCard does not come with any cash back advantages or rewards because it is a credit card that is oriented to build your credit or construct your credit history.

You will receive an initial credit limit of $500 and the best part of the credit card is that the application process is fairly straightforward. You will receive a response very quickly online.

Some of the typical questions we get in the social networks about the card is if the Reflex Mastercard is a secured card or not. The answer is that it can be both depending on your credit history.

Therefore, you could be approved for the credit card without any deposit or they can ask for anywhere from fifty to five hundred dollars to gather the aforementioned initial limit of $500.

The APR is 29.9% (twenty nine point nine nine percent) which is fairly high. Likewise, there is a fee in the first year of 120 dollars and 96 dollars (ninety six) afterwards. The late fee is $38 and you will also need to pay $10 per month for maintenance.

Let me advance you that I do not recommend you this product because the APR is 29.9% while with other secured cards, such as the First Choice MasterCard Classic Secured, you should pay only an APR of 14.67%

If you want to add any additional users, there is also a one time fee of $30 (thirty dollars) so as we said before pretty hefty fees on this card.

In terms of reviews we get mixed reviews from our readers on this card. because some people became customer simply for the opportunity to build or rebuild their credit history while others complain about online service and very high expense ratio on this Reflex MasterCard credit card.

If you require to rebuild your credit history or you have to start your credit history, you can utilize this card or any secured card for a bit maybe a year or two, to build up your credit as we indicated above.

Considering the poor online support service indicated by our readers, (for which they are paying a $10 monthly maintenance fee) you can be looking for another option that we have in our site. We have other secured cards that allow you to gradually rebuild or reestablish your credit history while enjoying a reasonably good online support.

As with other secured cards, you can switch in the future to another product as soon as you credit history improves. We mean different credit cards that might be more suitable for you and more economical in terms of maintenance and interest. 


What Is the APR for a Reflex credit card?

The APR varies based on the prime rate and is around 29.99 %, so practically an APR 30%.

Is the Reflex credit card unsecured or secured?

the Reflex credit card can be unsecured or secured. Depending on your credit history, you may be approved for an unsecured card or a secured card with a $50 to $500 deposit. Your initial credit limit will be $500.

Is there an anual fee?

Yes, there is an annual fee of $120 for the first year and $96 annually after that. You will just have this card for a couple of years until you build or improve your credit.

Is there a late fee?

Yes, there is a late fee of up to $38 if your payment is received after the due date.

Are there also any other fees to consider?

Yes, you are also charged a $10 per month of maintenance fee and a $30 one time fee for any authorized users that you add.

Would you recommend Celtic bank credit cards?

No, because the APR is much higher than other secured credit cards available and high annual maintenance fees. Also, because there are many complaints about the online support. If you are paying $10 monthly for a maintenance fee, you can expect very good customer service and a more than adequate online support.